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Tacchificio Marcato

For 40 years with passion, quality and innovation




tacchificio marcato

Marcato heel factory was born in 1979 by the intuition of its founder Marcato Benedetto, beginning with the machining and polishing of leather heels. After a few years started the producion of heels and wedges wrapped in handmade leather, using leather from the finest tanneries and offering the customer a high quality product.
Over the years and with the insertion of Benedetto's children, Mauro and Davide, continue the growth process of the company with cutting-edge machinery and technology, cad cam, moulding... offering customers a complete service from the idea of product design finished.
Passion, quality and innovation leads to a continuous investment in technology and innovative solutions to offer to the customer.

tacchificio marcato foto aereatacchificio marcato foto uffici